One of the biggest headaches faced by business owners or IT managers when upgrading infrastructure or software, or planning complete digital transformation is the question, ‘what’s the best tool for the job?

With so many vendors, products and options available, it can be difficult to identify the right one to meet your specific business needs.

As an Independent Trusted Advisor, Cleartec makes the decision-making process simple.

Our technology decision-making platform helps to keep you ahead of the accelerating pace of change and innovation in technology and gives you the confidence that you’ve made the right choice.

We’ll educate and guide you through the complexities of next-gen enterprise technology, with data, insights, provider comparisons, pricing quotes, and more.

Why use Cleartec Marketplace?

Solution Search

We can Instantly identify the best solution for you, exploring over 1,600 data centres worldwide, and obtaining real-time pricing quotes

Provider Portfolio

We will research over 200 providers to learn about their product offerings, benefits, core differentiators and training, to recommend the best fit for your needs

Quick Quote

We can obtain real-time pricing from some of the largest carriers. No need for you to wait for a quote

Dynamic Matrices

We will instantly rank providers to identify the best solutions for your needs and provide you with a detailed RPO to present to the board for approval

Fibre Locator

Visualise fibre routes for optimal carriers

Data Centre Search

Our rapid search will locate and compare over 1,600 data centres worldwide

Interactive Quick Assessments

Engage a solutions expert to view key product features

Technology Navigator

Research products and trends to make educated decisions

As your Trusted Advisor, Cleartec will help you manage change and plan for the future using AI powered technology to navigate the ever-evolving technology landscape.

We’ll explore your business needs and use our unique platform to identify the technology solutions – whether hardware or software – that will best meet those needs. Using the platform, we’ll be able to narrow down the options and provide you with a ready-vetted list of potential solutions.

We’ll talk you through the options, and help you to make an educated and information decision.

Then we’ll manage the procurement process for you.

Cleartec Marketplace Features


Our experience allows us to predict and avoid the problems that can come with cloud migration. Being prepared for the challenges will make the process run more smoothly.

Cyber Security

The need for cyber security and monitoring has increased exponentially as virtually every core business function is brought online.


Whether you work on premise, remotely or hybrid, your network infrastructure and services are crucial, connecting everything, from offices to enterprise applications to the cloud.


Rely on a combination of our expert advice and understanding of your business needs, and our partnerships with the world’s leading Unified Communications specialist.

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