Flexibility and experience; at scale, when you need it.

Core Flex is Cleartec’s outsourcing service, which offers you external resources that become an integral part of your organisation; working side-by-side with your in-house team.

It enables us to offer flexible, professional services to augment your core staff and ensure the quality of project delivery, bringing together the right skills sets at the right time.

Core Flex enhances your existing team, enabling you to focus on your strategic initiatives while ensuring full management control and maintaining a high service level.

How Core Flex Works

The flex team extends from a small, dedicated core team, which ensures continuity of business process and expertise. The flex team offers you the flexibility to build your teams as and when needed, providing rapid scalability to support real-world business requirements.

Flex team members work on multiple projects bringing diverse experience and advanced problem-solving skills.

Core Flex Benefits

Core Flex provides a comprehensive programme including costs, while at the same time offering a competitive range of core and flexible services and benefits:

Dedicated team under your direct control and direction

No hiring and retaining headaches

No recruitment expenses

No capital investment

Video sessions with staff members

Real-time and exact knowledge about team performance

Dedicated resources are assigned with full confidentially

Win-win relationship with a competent partner that adds value to you

Direct control over product quality and resources

Easy to convey and follow the standards, methodologies, and procedures

Reduce operational cost, improves productivity, and enhancing deliverables

Core Flex offers multiple benefits compared with recruiting or using contractors, including significantly reduced costs, removal of single-person dependency and improved flexibility.

It allows you to:

Benefit from support and maintenance teams to maintain already running projects and products

Engage in collaborative development with new project or product development - cost optimisation by spreading the cost between Core and Flex

Add/remove resources to the current projects on a needs basis

Fill in skills gaps; both short-term and long-term

Build competency for future projects and tasks

Engage in independent testing, QA and tech reviews of projects developed by third parties

Analyse Requirements for new projects and opportunities

Demonstrate technical solutions for new opportunities

Develop POCs and MVPs

Access first-line and second-line support desk

Access out-of-hours customer support

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