Your business is thriving, but you know it could be working more efficiently and effectively. How do you approach business transformation to keep you ahead of your competitors in this fast-moving digital age?
At Cleartec, we are experts in business automation, putting in place the technology that will streamline your business.

Why automate your business?

Effective business automation can:

Streamline your business processes, saving time and reducing human error

Give you greater visibility and control of your operations

Enable more effective collection, management and analysis of data and drive more informed business decisions

Improve your customers’ experience and engagement with your brand

Free up your team from repetitive manual tasks allowing them more time to innovate

Save money and improve your cashflow

The benefits are clear, but with so many options available to you, how do you ensure you are following the right path and investing in a solution that will work for you now and be flexible enough to deliver in the future?
Whether you’re considering linking up some of your existing processes, or are interested in having a chat about how you could completely modernize your operations through automation, Cleartec can help.

Why integrate your business?

Using Integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS) allows you to combine and automate applications, processes, and data, lessening the burden of IT management and enabling more efficient business processes.

iPaaS provides the connectors that integrate systems via APIs, HTTP, SDKs and other methods. It enables you to integrate multiple cloud and on-premise systems and databases, allowing information and processes to flow effortlessly through your business.

Integration with iPaas delivers:

An off-the-shelf cloud service with over 2500+ API connectors, allows rapid and efficient implementation

Faster process execution

Simple input using familiar platforms (eg MS Teams) connects people with automated processes

Improve your customers’ experience and engagement with your brand

Rapid integration of systems and data, enabling faster change projects

Intuitive dashboard interface allowing easy use across the business

Straightforward integration or replacement of applications

Our Specialisms

In addition to our in-house development team, we also partner with industry-leading specialists to offer automation solutions tailored to your business needs.

HR and people Management


Facial recognition solutions

Project and Case Management

Operational and process workflows

Application provisioning and de-provisioning


How we design and deliver business automation solutions

Every solution is different, and to design the solution which fits your business, we follow a clearly defined process.


Listening and learning about your strategic goals, your pain points and the challenges you face. Understanding the processes, infrastructure, operations, people and culture within your business.


A detailed discovery session to deepen our understanding of what you are trying to achieve and a potential solution that will meet your needs. We define how our solution will connect with your existing environment/platforms. We clearly demonstrate the benefits automation will bring to your organisation.


A full statement of works is produced of our recommended solution, including process and workflow maps, costings, details on how we will integrate with your existing environment/platforms.


Developing and implementing the system within your business, ensuring that every element of the statement of works is delivered and is working effectively. Making any necessary improvements that are needed as we begin to see the process in a more productive way.


Providing full training and ongoing support to all users including extensive training with high level users and custom sessions with specific departments where required.


Now you are on the journey to digital transformation we can begin to understand what other parts of the business can be automated and processes improved. We can begin to evolve the solution and look at phased developments.

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