About Cleartec

We are better together.

Cleartec is a Cloud and Digital Transformation specialist who bridges the gap between business strategy and technology.
Our mission is to simplify the world of technology and AI by bringing world-leading expertise and teams direct to our clients through one dedicated partner.

Cleartec offers a wide range of tailor-made AI services, enabling organisations to leverage the full power of the AI revolution and transform their operations, products, data and communications.

With Cleartec’s end-to-end design, delivery and support, you can remain at the forefront of AI technology.

Accountability and integrity are at the heart of Cleartec. We are driven by a dedication to invest in our clients’ digital evolution, and we pride ourselves on always doing what is right to achieve a trusted long-term partnership.

Who we are

Russell Amos and Mark Perkins, our Co-Founders and Directors, are Technology advisors with over 30 years between them as trusted advisors helping businesses to navigate the ever-changing world of technology

Our approach is based on transparency, understanding and collaboration. We take time to understand our clients’ business needs, aspirations and culture, as these factors are crucial to enable us to support future business growth through next-gen technology.

In the dynamic realm of artificial intelligence, where the only constant is change, Cleartec stands as your steadfast guide and partner. As we navigate the AI era, we understand that adopting an AI strategy is not a one-off project; it’s a continuous journey that requires a visionary approach, agility, and an enduring partnership.

Most importantly, we become personally invested in the journey, simplifying the world of technology and AI for all our clients, so they can make strategic decisions with technology supporting them, not holding them back.

We’ve made it our mission to create a work environment where employees have the freedom to grow and develop in a way that suits them, and to use their curiosity to innovate new ideas and inspire others to think limitless.

Cleartec values


No matter what we do, inside or outside the workplace, we always try to do the right thing. We maximise our strengths and always endeavour to learn from our mistakes. We hold ourselves accountable and are proud of what we can offer as individuals and as an organisation.


Without clarity on why we do what we do and how we do it, we can never truly inspire others. Lack of clarity not only affects the decisions we make, but it can also lead us astray from our goals and objectives. Constantly understand your ‘why’ and do not lose sight of your values. Communication is key.


Ideas that inspire. We believe that everyone has the potential to make a positive impact. With the right support, encouragement, and freedom to explore new ideas we can drive innovation. This innovative mindset creates positive thinking, improved processes, and an exciting workplace.


We are better together. No one person can succeed on their own. We value our team, our partners, and our clients because we are better together. Teamwork makes anything achievable, and we see any obstacle or challenge as an opportunity to learn more and develop together.

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